Can Ethereum Be Replaced Easily by a New Efficient Blockchain?

There are some technical highlights of Ethereum.


The api of Ethereum is very simple and its protocol is understandble as well. If you want to make a better blockchain, firstly you have to achieve a easy-to-use VM, a programming language, a script for parameter serialization and deserialization, a data structure for storing information, leveldb interface and protocols.

Due to the head effect, a lot of toolchain will be based on Ethereum which will make it more difficult to replace Ethereum.

Powerful EVM

EVM is much better than the general VM. It doesn’t have a lot of external dependents. Also it has the ability to store temporary with the option to use either stack or memory. And the size of stack and memory is not restricted. In the future there will be a lot of tool chains which will introduce more expansions like abstruct and types. But for now EVM is enough.

From UTXO to Accounts

Bitcoin uses UTXO so that it avoids double-spending by long and short chain comparation. In Ethereum, it uses state concept but it has disadvantages like privacy problem and expansibility.

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